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I am an artist and full time “rescue mom” to a house full of rescued cats and dogs. The Rescue Mama Shop is about celebrating the joy and love that our companion animals bring to our lives. I love being a dog mom and I love celebrating important days with my dogs. I offer a wide selection of items for dog parties, pet sympathy, pet adoption and gifts for dog moms. Thank you for visiting my shop!




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I believe that each one of us is destined to walk a certain path…a path that is meant to rub the rough edges off of us as we mature emotionally and spiritually. For me that path turned out to be rescuing animals. Each new dog or cat that comes in to our home is part of that journey for me…while I start off believing I am helping them…it always turns out they are here to teach me something. I feel a deep spiritual connection to animals and believe that our experiences with them are often the best glimpses into the mystery of grace that we can expect to see on this side of life.


My paintings are my way of doing more for animals. I call my paintings “Pawffiti…important messages from the pets we love”. Pawffiti is how I give voice to the millions of homeless and suffering animals just waiting for human compassion to touch their lives. Painting and working out of the house allows me to be present every day for my own pets yet still doing a little something more. I feel very blessed to live the life I do.


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