Linden Beach Sea Glass Creation Z

Linden Beach Sea Glass Creation Z




My love of nature, crafts and helping animals, but not so much attending markets or craft sales inspired me to start an Etsy shop.


My goal with the jewelry sales is to raise money, to help stray and feral cats.


Having a cottage, near the ocean, but also near a farm, we have found, many people tend to drop off their unwanted pets, expecting them to survive on their own, which, of course,they are unable to do. As a result, they tend to end up on our doorstep, looking for help. Walking the beach daily, and finding seaglass, it occurred to me, that maybe, I could raise money for these, and other stray and feral cats, by making and selling jewellery made from this seaglass, that I was finding.








I’ve been making seaglass jewelry for the past 3 years, being stocked and sold at a local vet clinic, ( all money raised at this clinic Is donated to a local rescue that works with the clinic), and I have also sold at the occasional farmers market, which has enabled me to help quite a few cats.


If anyone is interested in reading about the cats I’ve rescued, directly from jewelry sales and updates, you can visit my website at:



****( I no longer sell jewelry at this site, just updates on cats helped, and shelters, and supplies bought to help strays and ferals with money raised).

Living in Nova Scotia and absolutely loving and walking the beautiful shores of our beaches, especially Linden Beach, allowed me to discover the natural gems found on them.


Thank you so much for visiting my shop.


It is very important to me, that everyone who purchases my jewellery, is very happy with their piece or pieces, so please, contact me, with any concerns or questions, you may have.


Most of my jewelry is made from authentic seaglass that I have found, however, brown, white and green, being the most common colors, I seldom find reds, or pink/mauves, so have started home tumbling some of these colors using Linden beach sand. As a result, these colors are also, much more reasonably priced. Any pieces made with this glass, will be marked as “home tumbled”.


Most of my pieces are on silver plated chains or stainless steel chains, but if there is a piece you like, but would prefer a longer, a shorter chain, a leather cord, or a sterling silver, I certainly can do that as well.


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