New Years Special 2018 – Why – Who – What – Join Us

New Years Special  2018 – Why – Who – What – Join Us


Pet Lover Gifts – Virtual Mall, is part of a very extensive network of over 55 Animal Rescue and Animal Welfare Facebook pages plus related websites.



The cornerstone website is Paws Broadcasting. The official numbers of visits as of the close of 2017 is approximately 3.5 Million + and the official count on the Facebook network is 28,818 fans.



Paws Broadcasting also has over 13,000 rescues and shelters in our national directory which is used daily by rescuers, adopters, shelters, transporters and citizens who just love looking at adoptable pets or who are seeking to adopt or foster. We also have 10,000 of thousands of folks who work on Facebook crossposting those pets in need everywhere across the nation.



What is offered to you as an Etsy Artisan is the following :


1 Year of Advertising and Promotion for 12 Products


You would create a section in your shop named  Pet Lover Gifts and place 12 products in that section and I would embed that section in your personal page within “Pet Lover Gifts” Virtual Mall (only 1 time is needed) you are free to swap products out or in at any time and it will automatically “self-update” within the virtual mall.

I will place a short “About” your shop/experience/bio/ and links to all of your social media pages and website on your profile page within the mall. This is very beneficial since you will be able to attract fans who may follow you on only one of your social pages to fan/follow you on the others and see even more of your content. >>>    Sample