Doggie Cots

Doggie Cots


Our cozy cots are elevated dog or cat beds made of sturdy schedule 40 PVC pipe and high quality furniture grade fittings with durable fabrics.

Location: Kansas City metro area, USA




History and intro: In late 2013, we noticed a need for elevated dog beds in shelters to keep the doggies off of the cold and sometimes wet, dirty floors. With the help of sponsorship, we made over 45 doggie cots for local shelters in the Kansas City metropolitan area. We also donated doggie cots for their fundraisers. We started getting requests for in home use, so we’ve expanded our charitable hobby to include doggie cots for the home, and we’ve recently added the mini dog or kitty cot, and kitty tower. All proceeds go into purchasing materials and supplies to expand fabric choices, develop new products, and most importantly, to continue to donate to rescue organizations for their animals and fundraisers.



About our products: Our elevated dog and kitty cots help keep your pets cool in the summer by improving air flow around your pet, and warmer in the winter by getting them off a cold floor and away from drafts. The bed surface is comfortable fabric stretched across a PVC frame providing a soft, flexible surface for your pet to lay on. You can also add a blanket or two during the winter for extra warmth. Standard or custom sizes available with fabric choices of vinyl, canvas, and sling mesh for indoor or outdoor use. A few vinyl and faux leather indoor fabrics are available for smaller beds. Fabrics and colored PVC can be special ordered upon request to meet your needs.





Our inspiration comes from our love of animals and the many awesome pets and fosters who have graced us with their presence. We love helping to spoil other doggies and kitties, especially the ones in the shelters who are still waiting for their forever homes.





Elevated doggie cot sizes:

Made with 1 1/4″ PVC


XL 27×44″ with 6″ legs $65
L 26×40″ with 6″ legs $55
M 24×35″ with 5″ legs $45, $50
S 20×30″ with 4″ legs $35
Toy 18×25″ with 4″ legs $30



Custom sizes upon request.

Large and XL beds may be discounted with certain fabrics when ordering 3 or more beds.


******* Add rubber feet for tile or wood floors to any of above for $7. *******


Made with 3/4″ PVC
Mini 15×18″ with 4″ legs $25
Custom sizes upon request.


Kitty 15×18″ with 11″ legs $27
Custom sizes upon request.




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